Claire Madden


Claire Madden  Claire Madden

Claire Madden is a social researcher and Director of Research at the internationally recognised McCrindle Research. She is a next-gen expert, fluent in the social media, youth culture and engagement styles of today’s kids, tweens and teens, and a professional in interpreting what this means for educators and parents.

In March, Claire addressed over 100 participants on Engaging with Generation Z. The sessions received very positive feedback from teachers, school leaders and parents.

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neat is networking!

smallneatWelcome to the Network of Educational Associations of Tasmania (NEAT). Our blog will eventually replace the website at to enable the executive groups in each member association in Tasmania to contribute news, celebrate events and post general information for all members in a speedy and effective manner. Hence, a Facebook and Twitter site is associated with the blog.

Neat Executive members are looking forward to sharing news from member associations and photos from events as they happen.  Member associations are asked to subscribe and forward logos if approved for re-use.

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