NEAT 20 years celebration – ‘Refreshments Recollections and Resolutions’ with an update from the Years 9 to 12 Project Team

The NEAT management committee is very pleased to advise that the Years 9 to 12 Project team will address NEAT members at the NEAT Celebration of 20 years – ‘Refreshments Recollections and Resolutions’ for the network of educational associations of Tasmania.

Thursday 16 May – 5.00 pm
Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania,
Marieville Esplanade.

Presentation and Framework document V3.3 1 

The Years 9 to 12 Project has been established in response to the ACER Review into Years 9 to 12 Education in Tasmania. The project has been set up around focus areas that reflect the recommendations from the Years 9 to 12 Review including:

*  Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching
*  Accreditation and Certification
*  Workforce Support
*  Data
*  A Vision for and promotion of VET and Vocational Learning.
The Years 9 to 12 project team has developed a draft Years 9 to 12 Curriculum Framework in consultation with stakeholders, including Learning Area Groups (LAGs). Once finalized, this framework will be used to redevelop existing TASC courses and to develop new courses that reflect the changing nature of work and the diverse career and study pathways now available to learners.

The Celebration of 20 years of the Network of Educational Associations of Tasmania (5pm) and the 2019 AGM (6pm) is on Thursday 16 May from 5-7pm at the RYCT, Marieville Esplanade, Sandy Bay.

Nomination-forms for the AGM and the 2019 Subscription renewal form

An invitation to Tasmanian educators to join your subject and professional Member Association committees for “Refreshments Recollections and Resolutions” prior to an annual general meeting at 6pm to elect a 2019-2020 joint council management committee. #THTA #TMTA #TasTESOL#TATE #TASITE #STAT #ACHPER #ALEA #ASLA #ASME #BEAT #CDAA#ECET #HEIA #MAT #MLTAT #OET #TATA #TCAL #TOSA #VET#APTS #SquarePegs #BeaconFoundation

Please RSVP by email to enable catering nos. for proxy and nomination forms. Please advise if conference call required for AGM.