Leadership development scholarships available: Women in Schools

NEAT encourages you to inform your member associations and contacts of the opportunity to register for the ‘Women in schools’ www.nesli.org funding grants

$1,500 scholarships
The fee support opportunity provides a scholarship of up to $1,500 for women to take part in either the Advanced or Middle Leadership Program. The grants have been provisioned for 2018 as part of the Year of Women in School Leadership and as such have to be allocated by the end of the year.

How to register
At this stage, Expressions of Interest are being sourced until 30th November via this link: www.nesli.org/funding The programs are suitable for both teaching and non-teaching women staff at all schools throughout Australia.

NEAT encourages you to inform your member associations and contacts of the opportunity to register.

The initiative

The Year of Women in School Leadership aims to support women in schools via a range of research, events, and programs. NESLI’s survey conducted earlier in the year found that almost 1 in 2 women have experienced some kind of gender-based barrier or discrimination throughout their careers.

This dedicated funding pool and the launch of the new Middle Leadership Program for women aims to address these challenges for as many women as possible throughout the sector, and is made possible through a collaborative partnership between the National Excellence in School Leadership Initiative (NESLI) and Women & Leadership Australia (WLA).

Charlotte Parkinson,  National Excellence in School Leadership Initiative (NESLI)

D 03 9270 9051
P 1300 138 037

W www.nesli.org

Saul Eslake on improving educational outcomes in Tasmania

Saul Eslake 2015-08-13 Talk to TeachersSaul Eslake

On Thursday, August 13 at the RYCT, Saul Eslake spoke with professional teaching association members on key strategies for improving educational outcomes. He is an independent economist. Formerly Chief Economist at Merrill Lynch, Mr Eslake is well known throughout Australia and internationally as an incisive commentator on economic, educational and social issues. He has kindly made the paper supporting his address available to members on this NEAT blog. In addition, he provided his research report of a presentation in Launceston on June 19, 2015 to the Tasmanian Leaders’ Forum wherein a number of the charts illustrate some of the strands in his presentation to teachers.  The link to that research paper: Saul Eslake 2015-06-19 Tasmanian Leaders Forum

Saul Eslake’s official website with his extensive research and video commentary is Saul Eslake Economist

New TCCI report, Tasmania Report 2015 compiled by Saul Eslake includes a chapter on Tasmanian education:


Louisa Rennie


Louisa Rennie

Louisa Rennie

Following the cancellation of the November forum, the rescheduled time will be early 2016. Louisa Rennie, Director of the Australian Principal Certification Program at Principals Australia Institute, will present a NEAT session for aspiring leaders.

Louisa will share recent research by the Institute on leadership and engage in a dialogue with principals, assistant principals and teachers.